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Great Pyrenees Dog Club of Ohio


Due to increasing interest in the Great Pyrenees in Ohio, the Heart of Ohio Great Pyrenees Club (HOGPC) was founded in 1973 to further support the breed. The club is actively involved in public education, as well as conducting meetings in locations throughout Ohio. Educational programs are presented which meet the needs of the companion dog owner as well as breeders and show dog owners. 

The HOGPC holds an Annual Regional Specialty. A specialty is a unique type of dog show emphasizing a particular breed. The HOGPC Specialty is the largest gathering of Great Pyrenees in Ohio, and is a wonderful opportunity to visit with other fanciers and share information, as well as to see a vast cross-section of our breed.

For more information regarding the HOGPC, the Great Pyrenees breed, or if you have questions, please contact the Membership Chairman or the Club Secretary.


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