Why A Club?


"Breed-Specific" is a thing!

It really doesn't matter how many dogs you've had, if this puppy (or adopted dog) is your first Pyrenees, you will notice things that might baffle, confuse, or maybe delight you. Dogs are dogs, true, but each breed has its own idiosyncrasies, and in the case of this breed, none but other "Pyr parents" / experienced breed owners can help you better understand your dog.  The club can connect its members with Pyr people who can say "Yep! That's normal." In like manner, if training and how-tos are needed, Pyr fellows have the best tips on how to "bring up baby". 

The Great Pyrenees, in spite of their imposing size and guarding spirit, are sensitive creatures. What doesn't bother some of the "tougher dogs" (like a good hard scolding) can break a Pyr's heart.  On the other hand, this is a dog with a mind of its own. Because of his breeding, this dog will naturally want to figure out things independently. The very admirable qualities of the breed makes it one not suited to first-time dog owners (at least, not without help). The club and its members is a good place to start, when it comes to learning about your breed.


A club can help direct the best way of working with your Great Pyrenees, whether he's slated for show, working the farm or just as a household pet. It is true that Pyrs can become stubborn periodically (a "loving" kind of stubborn), but these dogs do love their masters, and ultimately just want to make us happy.  Your peers have been through it and can offer insight into any situations that may arise. 

Teaching About The Breed

The most important thing is to know and understand the club as one of the important tools the dog owner can have.  If one is to raise a dog properly, one must first understand the history, and the Great Pyrenees has a vast history. 


The club will organize and attend fun events and local shows. 

Events are some of the best places to keep dogs well-socialized (which is a must for all large-dog owners) and to mingle with experienced people.


Pyr Prose is a publication that has been coming to HOGPC club members for years. It contains interesting, funny and informative articles. Additionally, every member is invited to share and add to Pyr Prose through their experiences. 

Dog people have funny stories (hence all the Youtube viral vids). The Great Pyrenees can be quite a clown and after all, sense of humor IS important to love any dog properly.

Supporting the Breed

Statistically speaking, Pyrenees are relatively popular as livestock guardians but less soo as household pets in spite of the fact that they make very good ones. This is because of misconceptions behind the breed (see our FAQ). This is evidenced by the fact that the Great Pyrenees, in spite of catching everyone's eye when out in public (it's like having a celebrity on a leash!), few people will know the name. 

A Great Pyrenees' many positive traits make them some of the best friends one can ever have. It is only fair that those of us who love them should do all that we can to represent them.

When we fall in love with a Great Pyrenees—after giving them proper care and love—we owe it to them to promote them properly and  a Great Pyrenees club is important in supporting breed promotion. 

Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like about the club using the form below.

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